BrandDemon (WBE Partner)

Partners In Branding And Design

At Blair Image Elements, we create location-based image solutions that bring brands to life. While many of our clients have their own brand departments and design firms, sometimes extra help is needed.

BrandDemon Strategy + Design, a certified woman-owned brand strategy and design firm, works in partnership with our client teams and Blair’s project management and engineering teams to achieve the best results. BrandDemon and Blair have paired together on several projects, including Party City, Lakemont Park, Sheetz, Castrol and more.  BrandDemon’s keen understanding of branding, both in physical and digital environments, has added tremendous value to projects. Services they provide include:

  • Develop Brand Standards
  • Interpretation of Brand Standards across various applications and dimensions
  • Graphic design packages for site signage and other image elements
  • Evolutionary advancements of logos
  • Creation of new logos and sub-brand logos
  • Consulting on environmental brand experience
  • Procurement of branded elements
  • Brand police - ensuring all executions meet the highest standards
  • Development of websites and digital ordering tools

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