Architectural Imaging

We Do Architectural Imaging

Curb appeal matters. The look of your building says a lot about your brand.

The Blair architectural imaging team has extensive experience in completely transforming building facades. We’re PE licensed in 47 states and have trusted relationships with general contractors throughout the country. We provide comprehensive project management on all our architectural engineering projects to ensure the final result is one we can both be proud of. With extensive experience in overhauling and rebranding sites in industries from petroleum to automotive to retail, hospitality, and more, Blair is your turnkey solution for all architectural brand image work.

  • Corrugated Panels
  • Building Facades
  • Modular Building Elements
  • Honeycomb Panel Systems
  • ACM Panels
  • Insulated Panels
  • Wayfinding Signs
  • Entry Tower
  • Sunshades
  • Fiber Cement
  • Perforated ACM
  • Lightweight Stone

ACM Panels

• Available in several standard colors including woodgrains and simulated stone
• Durable finishes with up to 30-year warranty
• Blair non-progressive design allows single panel replacement

Perforated ACM

• Permits creative facility designs
• Allows light transmission and visibility

Corrugated Panels

• Available in several profiles and pre-painted colors
• Exposed and hidden fastener options available
• Cost-effective option for secondary building areas

Lightweight Stone Panels

• Variety of materials available: Granite, Limestone, Quartz etc.
• Low maintenance
• Seventy percent lighter per Sq. Ft. than 2cm natural stone

Modular Building Elements

• Reduced installation time minimizes business interruption
• Consistent brand image
• Easily adapted to existing facilities

Honeycomb Panel System

• Unique corrugated and perforated aluminum represents Audi Terminal Concept

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